My Feathery Friends…

So I finally upgraded to a DSLR camera yesterday. Yay!!! I decided on the Canon EOS Rebel T3 with accompanying EFS 18-55mm lens and also purchased the additional EFS 55-250mm lens with image stabilizer. It’s definitely a learning experience  moving from my old “point-and-shoot” Nikon Coolpix to what I guess would be considered a “beginners” professional camera!!

Anyway, I’ve been sitting out in my backyard bird watching…messing around and trying to learn all the different functions and settings of my new best friend. These aren’t the greatest photos ( I’m a complete newb with this thing) but are my favorites so far. It’s been a pretty cloudy day so I’ve been doing the best I can with the lighting…


2 thoughts on “My Feathery Friends…

  1. Thanks for signing up to follow my blog – and good luck with that camera. I shoot with a 550D, which I think in the States was sold as a Rebel T2, so yours is very similar. I love mine – and take it everywhere! I also have a 100mm Macro…..put it on your wish list as it is a fabulous lens. Cheers.

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