A Day at Stone Mountain…

On our first trip to Stone Mountain Park we parked, road the tram, checked out the monument and drove home…we didn’t stay long…so we promised ourselves that next time we went there we would climb the mountain. Today we fulfilled that promise.

It wasn’t the nicest of days, partly cloudy with a chance of rain, but the weather stayed decent enough for us to take our time walking up and down the trail and,  this time,  I actually remembered to bring my camera (hmm…maybe because it’s my shiny new toy)?!

My husband patiently waited each and every time I stopped to take at shot…or ten!!  With neither of us being too athletic, we were feeling the burn when we approached the top and even thought about taking the tram down…until we realized we didn’t have any money on us! Well, it turned out to be a pretty easy trek back down anyway and a chance for me to snap a few more pics. (Fun Note: it turned out that Robert Deniro and John Travolta were there filming a movie called “The Killing Field” and I actually got a couple good pics of Travolta too!)

So, still trying to get the feel of my new Canon DSLR, I didn’t quite get the color or detail I wanted for a lot of the pics I shot. I did get a few interesting ones, though, and decided to work with enhancing them with a little Photoshop. Here are my favorites for the day…hope you enjoy them!!

I guess this pole was the park gum collector…kind of gross…but its almost beautiful!

I did do a little work on the one below. In the original, I noticed what looked like half a face it the branch…almost like a little woodland fairy trying to come out…so I did a little editing to create a full face.


And the black & whites:


It was a fun day and I can’t wait to get out again. Where to next?


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