Organic Textures…

So lately I’ve been having fun shooting textures and shapes..especially in black & white. Today I took a couple shots of broken branches and plants in my backyard.

Not sure what type of plant or shrub this is. The leaves are actually dark purple and green but the photo came out more interesting in black & white…

This pock-marked tree had some really nice texture…

We collect all the broken branches around our house in a pile out back for firewood. These were laying together, perfectly in the shape of my first initial…

Just a lone, broken branch…

I’m still a bit new at editing with Photoshop. For the black & whites I’ve been trying to learn how to best bring out the features in a shot with contrast, curves and vignetting, while still maintaining the integrity of the original. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if I’m going too soft or too strong…so I just go with whatever feels best to me for each shot. What do you think of these? Constructive  criticism is welcome!


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