Peeking Sun and White-Breasted Nuthatch…

There are many different types of birds that hang out in our backyard. I’ve come across robins, cardinals, bluejays, etc. When I took this shot I first though it was a woodpecker (I’m not much of a bird expert) but, after looking it up on, I found out it was a White-Breasted Nuthatch. Learn something new everyday! I tried to catch some other birds today but, alas, they eluded me.

One of the things I love here in the south is the trees. They are nothing like the trees in the Midwest. I love how many of the trees around here have foliage growing along the entire height of the trunk…from top to bottom…or vines slowly wrapping around…

The tall trees in our backyard block the sun and provide cool shade, even without their leaves, but the sun peeks through and gives the scenery a beautiful glow…

My favorite thing about the South is definitely the weather. This is the first year I have gone through a winter with no snow…and no, I didn’t miss it! We’re moving back to the Midwest soon and I will definitely miss the warm, 50-60 degree winter weather we’ve been spoiled with here!


2 thoughts on “Peeking Sun and White-Breasted Nuthatch…

    • Yea. This one’s just getting started. There are some other very intricately entwined trees nearby that I’m hoping to get shots of soon!

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