Deer and Squirrel and Goose…Oh My!

Along the 750+ mile drive from Atlanta, GA to Chicago, IL, there are many wonderful scenic landscapes, parks, museums and other attractions to see, especially through Tennessee and Kentucky. I’d always wanted to check out Mammoth Cave National Park but, unfortunately for my husband and I, every time we have taken this trip the weather has decided not to treat us well.. Our most recent trip this past week was no exception.

The weather-man said it was suppose to be sunny and clear but, as our luck would have it, it was cloudy and raining nearly the whole drive up.  On the way back however, the sun finally came out for a bit. Although we were tired and wanting to get back to Atlanta at a decent hour,  we did make a pit stop through for about 30 minutes. This park is massive…so we did not actually see any of the caves or other major attractions here during our quick peek but we did see a little wildlife.

I am looking forward to going back to Mammoth Cave Park down the road when we have more time to burn. This location definitely needs at least a full day or two (at minimum) to explore decently.


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