The HDR Effect…

So, having just jumped back into photography after years of stagnation, until recently I had no idea what HDR photography was. I had seen it mentioned in some forums and articles before but had never bothered to research it at all…then I came across a blog here on with HDR photos by Trey Radcliff and other photographers.

I really love the surreal, cutting-edge visuals that seem to be the hallmark of HDR photography. When I realized that I could create HDR images with my Canon T3 and Photoshop I had to give it a try!

Just as a quick test, I went and took a few interval shots of my backyard then loaded up the HDR shot in Photoshop. The only other editing done on this shot was enhancing the color saturation.

This is a pretty basic shot..nothing special…but I love it!  Coming across this technique has just blessed me with a whole new world of opportunities. I’m incredibly excited to work with HDR processing more now!


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